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Mommysangels3 started this conversation
That I am a single mother looking for someone to bring my beautiful children a great Christmas!!! They didn't have one last year & am in desperate need for them to have one this year....
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Mommysangels3   in reply to Mommysangels3
Sry I see your from phllly
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Mommysangels3   in reply to singlemomkrystle
That's nice!!! Are you from croydon???
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Hi...I have family that also lives in croydon..
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How is everyone I'm new to this page!!! Hope all is well for every1❤️ I'm here looking for some help I need help with gifts for my beautiful babies for Christmas!!! My heart breaks to know there is going to be nothing under the tree maybe even no tree I'm begging & praying for a miracle here please god send me an angel!!!!! I will forever be in your debt please help my family!!!
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